Mission Statement
Pamtrons  is an Indian company of dedicated people working to provide the a good  quality products and services to the health care and Biomedical Engineering industries and institutes. We accomplish this with excellence in people, technology, innovation, and customer service.
The Best and the Brightest
Pamtrons has thrived by building a superior team of qualified, friendly, and reliable professionals dedicated to improving quality of products and service to give more benefits to clients. Building on our foundation as a privately held, Pamtrons encourages our colleagues to become an integral part of our business giving us one of the highest retention rates in the industry.
Management Team
Pamtrons’ management team is adept at anticipating changes within the Health care & Biomedical Engineering industry and innovating unique solutions to meet challenges, as per clients need. This insight into the industry has allowed Pamtrons to grow into a better organization.

Scientific Team

Pamtrons’ Biomedical and scientific team is comprised of One of the most celebrated Distinguished Scientist and Educationalist i.e. Prof.(Dr.)Ajitkumar Gorakhnath patil  in Medical Electronics & Biomedical Engineering in India. Prof. (Dr.) Ajitkumar Gorakhanath Patil is an expert in the fields of  Research & Development,Education and Training Solutions, Member and fellowship of various Indian and international biomedical societies and in helping Pamtrons to frame and refine the way serve to Biomedical and healthcare industries.
His relentless contribution in this field for the past 36 years made him a well known figure around the world, his efforts benefited more than 200 industries, hospitals, institutions and more than 5000 professionals; and made a great impact on the scenario of health care industry in India. He is recipient of several awards and honours because of his restless efforts and work in biomedical engineering and healthcare industries. Inspire of his whole body below the neck is paralysed , he is providing our clients with protocol design Equipments, Guidance in Biomedical engineering Field for benefits of our society.

He had done research in

  • Biosensors, Signal Processing, Bioelectronics / Medical Electronics, Design and construction of systems to measure basic physiological parameters. Modelling.
  • Bio-instrumentation, Development of instruments, materials and techniques for biological and medical practice, Smart Devices.
  • Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology– FES, Aids for Disabled, Artificial Organs, Electronics wheelchairs / Scooters / Vehicles, Robotics,
  • Electronics and Biomedical Engineering Education, Equipment Standards, Patient Safety,Certification. Around 11 patents and designs,34 publications of conference and journal papers, writer of 4 books on biomedical and medical electronics,35 years of professional experience,Reviewer of  international journals, winner of 12 national awards including PRESIDENT AWARD FOR Outstanding Performance as Roll Model (Government of India)this are his some achievements.
    He had attended more than 50 national and international conference on different subjects in medical and biomedical engineering industries.

  • Research & Development / Project Work  on more than 50 equipments.
    Guided more than 200 Dissertations / Projects at Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs
    in Biomedical Engineering, Instrumentation, Electronics Engineering, Rehabilitation; and
    Medical Electronics and developed more than 100 equipment, systems, devices, etc.