Since 1989
Pamtrons is a provider of
- Supplies of Various Medical Equipments of Different companies for Government, Semi government and private hospitals, clinics etc.

- Customised Biomedical Education Equipments for different IIT’s, NIITS, Government,Semi Government & private Engineering colleges, Polytechnics, ITI’s etc.

- Certificate Training course in “Servicing of Various ICCU Equipments” at our premise or Institute Premises. (including Component identifications, basics of troubleshooting techniques,soldering techniques etc.)

- Solutions for Biomedical Engineering Projects for,,P.hd.,Diploma candidates.

- Solution for Placements supports for Biomedical Engineers in various Biomedical field companies.

For over 24 years, we have been innovating in the field of Biomedical Engineering i.e. acquisition, analysis, and management of essential data for manufacturing of Biomedical educational trainer equipments as per customers need. In that time, Pamtrons’ had supplied more than 100 Institutes in India. Currently, we have head office in Mumbai (Maharashtra) as well as support and logistics offices in Pune and Ahmedabad which are able to provide support to customer around the country in a timely, cost effective manner. Our staff had facilitating communication with customer for delivering better quality service. We have earned a good position as a leading soltuion provider for Educational Equipments,Training and Placement supports in the Biomedical engineering field by investing in well trained people, innovative technology, and infrastructure. Pamtrons is providing innovative approaches to Training & Placement services, Biomedical Educational products. Pamtrons’ pioneering spirit is based on a strong history as a privately held company that focuses on our clients and people. We continue to invest in advanced technologies to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.