Established in 1989 as a Educational equipments  provider, pamtrons service offerings have expanded to include CT scan trainers, Anaesthesia machine trainer and other advanced trainer kits, and other customised Biomedical Educational Trainer Equipments for Engineering Collages (Degree/Diploma & etc).. PAMTRONS provide there customers with customised equipments, friendly customer service. We have various range of Biomedical Trainer kits as per institute syllabus as well as modified equipments as per customer requirement.

All Kits & instruments with operating manual, test points details & related information. So students understand the Instrument, Signal Processing, Heard ware & Biological information. All kits are like as a standard instrument, so student easily understands when they are on the fieldwork after the completion of course. All instruments have facility of the high gain so small signal also see properly on the DSO.
All Instruments with

  • Easy Operation
  • Test Point on Top Panel
  • Audio-Visual Indicator
  • AC Mains / Rechargeable Battery Operation
  • Output on D.S.O / PC RS232 / USB
  • Instruction / Operating / Services Manuals with CKT & Block Diagram

  • We had supplied our equipments to more than 100 engineering college including IIT’s,NIIT’s,Government Engineering colleges,Government polytechnic,Private institutes. In all over India.